Kapnisti Melitzanosalata(Smoked aubergine salad)

Looks soo poor but for real,it achieves perfection.An aubergine is great,a smoked aubergine is divine.The best way to combine a meze with your selected wine! •Wash the aubergines and pierce them with a fork in some spots. •Grill them for 30 minutes to get soften inside and burned outside. •In a blender,blend the inside of the aubergine,olive oil,lemon and vinegar. •Remove in a bowl and add garlic,salt and pepper. Cut the peppers in tiny cubes and place the cubes and chopped dill in the bowl.Mix once more and yoy are ready to serve. TIP:You can keep some aubergine mix to make some pasta sauce!
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Servings:  3
Prep Time:  7 minutes
Total Time:  40 minutes

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•5 thick aubergines •120 ml extra virgin olive oil •60 ml lemon juice •1 tbsp vinegar •2 garlic cloves,minced •4 tbsp dill,chopped •salt and pepper as prefered •2 red peppers

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