Fearless Vegetarian Pasta in the crowd.

Not a mountain to climb right? Some will say:Yuk,what is this. Come on please,the power of veggies is really really unlimited.You can't imagine the millions of combinations and flavors,cooking art is really a miracle.
•To start,in a pot,bring the water in boiling level,add salt,boil pasta for 6 minutes and drain well.
•Time to make the sauce.
•In a frying pan,add the olive oil over high heat and leave it get hot.
•Add the carrot pieces,minced onion,fresh onions and celery parts.
•Saute for 2 minutes and add the fennel.
•After some seconds,add the wine and let it dissolve.
•Season with salt and pepper and pour all the broth.Cover with a lid if your pan is equipped with one and let it boil for 5 minutes.
•At the same time,serve pasta in dishes and place the corn flour in the pan until the mixture get's proper thick as a sauce.
•Top with sauce in each pasta dish and garnish with grated cheese and crisps.
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  20 minutes

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•250 gr pasta(no6) •some water to boil the pasta •1 tbsp of salt(for proper boiling) •1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil •1 red onion,minced •2 celery stems,in small cubes •2 fresh onions,in rolls •2 medium carrots,in thick cubes,or rolls •1 shot of white wine •some fennel stems(about 1/6 of bunch) •1 1/2 corn flour in a shot of water) •200 ml vegetables broth •salt and pepper to taste •some grated no fat cheese and crisps to top if you prefer

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