Greek Spetzofai(sausages cooked with tomatoes,pepers and feta cheese)

Spetzofai is a traditional dish from mount Pilio,Volos. It's a marvellous dish,great for companies,for their ouzo to open the apetitte,or can be eaten as a main dish. If it is served hot,along with some bucovo,it will heat up your body even if you are right back from skiing. Take the sausages and place them in a cutting wood. Cut them thin or thick rolls and put them in a bowl. Leave the bowl aside. Wash and clean from every scar the peppers. Make fillets from them and cut in big pieces. Peel the onion,wash it and cut it in thin or thick slices. Peel the cloves of garlic and cut in small thin slices. Wash and remove scars from tomato. Remove the center. In a bowl or something,cut the tomato in 4 pieces and with a beamer or mixer blend it to become tomato juice. Leave it aside. Heat up a frying pan and start sauting first the sausage,laurel,then onion,garlic and peppers. When the materials release a lot of flavour,pour the whine,the tomato juice,put a lid and let it boil for 12 minutes. Remove the lid and add desired amount of salt,pepper and oregano. 1 minute before removing from heat,add the grated cheese and stir gently. You are done. Relax and enjoy hot.   TIPS: Try to buy sausage that contains leeks and grated orange. Do not use a very cheap wine.Cheap wine will cover all taste and flavour of the dish. Eat it aside with a glass of ouzo.Results will be like a sunshine in the storm..
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  6 minutes
Total Time:  21 minutes

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2 Pilio or country sausages 2 red onion 3 peppers(2 red,1 green) 3 laurel leaves 2 garlic cloves salt,pepper,oregano to taste a small glass of red wine(about 157 ml) 1 tomato 20 gr sugar 100 gr feta cheese olive oil(extra virgin) 100 ml

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