Whole baby squids sauted in lemon and extra virgin olive oil

Easter is coming and religion says:40 days of fasting...Come on,every cook's brain is unstoppable working to invent new and tasty dishes to fill the absence of meat, lovely squid,is superb in every variation.

Here is a simple recipe and tasty enough that will leave anyone who will taste,with mouth wide open.
•In a sink,under plenty of water,remove the tentacles(all the head can be eaten),clean the inside of the squids,to remove dirt,mud and the main membrane(we call it bone of the squid)
•After cleaning all of them,cut in the middle if you prefer or leave them whole.Drain them to remove water.
•Heat up a frying pan,along with the 30 ml of olive oil.
•When oil is hot,add the squids and bay leaf.Saute for 2 minutes,then add the lemon juice and let it evaporate for some seconds.
•Finally,salt and pepper as prefered and remove in a dish.
•Top with the 5 ml of olive oil and serve immediately!

TIP:You can garnish with some finely chopped parsley for extra taste and flavor(and of course great appearance).

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Servings:  1
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  16 minutes

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•10 whole baby squids(fresh or frozen) •30 ml extra virgin olive oil •1 medium lemon,just the juice •salt and pepper to taste •1 bay leaf •5 ml olive oil for topping

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