Beef Liver part 1: The salad version

Let's cook a somehow different salad.The truth is that all of us are used to prepare salads with a ton of veggies,bread forms,smoked fishes etc.This kind of  special and misunderstood part of the beef can really produce great results.Let's see: •Wash,clean and dry the lettuce leaves. •Peel the carrot and wash the tomato part along with the dill. •Place over high heat a small frying pan with the olive oil inside.Also place the liver in the cold oil to be sure that will not stuck to the bottom. •With a sharp knive,cut the lettuce in thin ''lanes'' and grate the carrot. •Chopp the dill finely and be sure you change liver's side. •Season with pepper and salt the liver and mix the veggies in a bowl. •Cut tomato in small cubes,remove the liver from pan and cut it in thin slices. •Grate feta cheese or cut in cubes,in a dish place mixture,top with liver slices,tomato and feta cheese and finally decorate with balsamico and pour the 4 ml olive oil and serve immediately. Enjoy something simple and tasty!
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Servings:  1
Prep Time:  13 minutes
Total Time:  15 minutes

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•5 lettuce leaves •1/2 small carrot •1/4 of a tomato •30 gr dill •60 gr beef liver •20 ml olive oil •salt and pepper to taste •50 gr feta cheese •some glaze(balsamico cream) to garnish •4 ml olive oil to top the salad

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