Tarka Dal Soup

Boil Dal with turmeric powder , salt as per your taste and keep a side now take a pan add ghee,musrtad,cumin,red chilli dry, curry leaves,(I don't use because I don't have if u have u can use) garlic and mix well then add chopped onions, hing,turmuric,green chillis mix well now add the boiled dal and if required add water and bring to boil.Can make thin consistency by adding more water and bring to boil.
tarka dal
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Servings:  4 to 6 persons
Prep Time:  30 minutes
Total Time:  1hrs 30 minutes

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Turmeric powder, Salt as per your taste, Ghee, Mustard, Cumin, Red chilli dry, Curry leaves, Garlic, Chopped onions, Hing, Green chilli Take all the ingredients as you need...as your taste.

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