Duck blood Soup in chili sauce

Maoxue Wang Kawana Nanouchi, the duck blood ingredients for the production, Mao xuewang cooking skills to cook dishes, the taste is spicy flavor. Maoxue Wang is the city of Chongqing dish, the dish is put the hot people to eat, then named Maoxue Wang, Mao xuewang's fame has led the army swept Sichuan, on both sides of the Changjiang River. Spicy temptation to traditional Maoxue Wang of the improvement and innovation, the characteristics of the soup Hongliang, spicy delicious, the flavor is strong thick continue to carry forward, is worth a taste for Sichuan dishes quickly.
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  1 hrs 10 minutes
Total Time:  1 hrs 30 minutes

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Ingredients: duck blood (Bai Ya) (500 g) yellow bean sprouts (150 grams) accessories: Eel (100 grams), pork (Fei Shou) (100 grams), ham sausage (150 grams), Lily (50 grams) fungus (Shui Fa) (50 grams), lettuce (100 grams). Condiments: onions (50 grams), salt (3 grams), pepper (red, sharp, dry) (15 grams), pepper (5 grams), cooking wine (10 grams), monosodium glutamate (10 grams), vegetable oil (50 grams). Acura Maoxue Wang is on this basis to be joined the sea cucumber, tripe, eel meat, yellow tablets, lunch meat improvement. Seasoning: pepper, pepper and other ma.

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