Dongpo’s Braised Pork

Dongpo's braised pork is the traditional dishes China han. it is made with pork as the main ingredient of a system. Knack of making this dish is slow, less water, wine.The general is a two inch square shaped pork, half the fat, half lean meat, fat and not greasy, with aroma, bright red color, mellow taste juice thick, crisp and not broken, very delicious.

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Servings:  6
Prep Time:  15 mins
Total Time:  2 hrs 15 mins

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Material Science:Pork 1000 grams, 4 slices ginger, spring onion 50 grams Ingredients: 80 grams of crystal sugar, soy sauce 70ml, soy sauce, 1/4 TSP, Huadiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet wine 50ml, water 600ml, Huadiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet wine 30ml, big red dates 6 Practice: 1.first choice of meat should be selected Rouhou, multi-level, succulent compact skin streaky pork. 2.pork cut into 40mmx40mm blocks, and tied into cross junction with coarse cotton rope, tied down. 3.The pan put half a bowl of oil, the skin upward, small fire slowly fried oil, remove the meat reserve. 4.take a large casserole, the bottom of the pot with a bamboo. (this prevents meat charred) 5.shallot and ginger in the bottom of the pot pad. 6.take the fried meat evenly in the pan. 7.Add 80 grams of sugar and 50 grams of water 7 wok, a small fire to the rock sugar dissolves. 8.the pot smoking, rock candy to dark brown. 9.let cool, add water 50ml, re heating the caramel Brown syrup boiled water. 10.the light soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar water, Huadiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet wine 50ml into the pot. 11.into the water 600ml, water to pork 2/3 position, with the fire boil turn a small fire simmer for about 60 minutes. 12.about 30 minutes, the pork will be turned down and continue to simmer for pigskin. About 45 minutes and then flip over, straight for water to stew pot bottom left. 13.pork will be placed in the bowl, pour the remaining sauce, red dates into the shear opening, then pour into the Huadiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet wine 30ml. 14.the pot of boiling water, put the meat on the fire and steam for 60 minutes.

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