Bitter Gourd Scrambled Eggs

The nutritional value of balsam pear is very high, contains a lot of vitamin C, it has a heat summer heat, nourishing qi, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight effect,. But the egg is rich in protein, iron and calcium material needs of the human body. First of all, balsam pear soaked for 10 minutes, wash. 4 the egg in a small basin reserve. Secondly, balsam pear dug to seed. Cut thin slices, put 1 spoon salt and stir. Heat the oil pot, pour the bitter melon stir fry until color. Finally, pour a little oil, pour into 4 egg, the egg along the pot pot turn, loosen the egg yolk, fry until golden brown on both sides the pot.
Bitter Gourd Scrambled Eggs
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Servings:  by 3 people
Prep Time:  8 minutes
Total Time:  12 minutes

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Bitter gourd, egg, oil, salt

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