Greek Traditional Taramas

•In a blender or beamer,blend the roe,bread(that you strained with hands to remove water) and onions(peeled). •Remove in a bowl and whisk until mixture gets fluffy. •Slowly,add the oil and lemon(in a thin row,like a toothpick) while whisking continuously. •Continue until all oil and lemon gets combined with the roe mix. TIPS:Garnish with some parsley to make it good looking.Do not serve as cream,make some quenelles from it.Finally,you can replace bread with 600 gr boiled potato(without skin) and of course you can use white preserved fish roe. Enjoy!!!
Greek Traditional Taramas
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Servings:  10
Prep Time:  2 minutes
Total Time:  15 minutes

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•200 gr preserved fish roe(pink or white) •600 gr bread soaked in water(only the crumb) •2 cups of oil(you can use 1 cup olive oil,1 cup sunflower olive) •1 cup lemon juice •2 red onions(prefered to be medium sized) •pepper to taste

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