Badam Kheer Recipe

In bowl of warm water, soak the almonds for two to four hours. Now remove the skin of the soaked almonds.If you are using saffron then soak it in the tablespoon cold milk.Grind the almonds with 1/2 cup milk to a smooth paste.*The paste should be fine and smooth when you rub between your fingertips.Cook this almond paste in a sauce pan on low heat till it starts to bubble. After that, let it simmer for 3-4 minutes more. And then, add the remaining milk and let it come to boil. Continue to simmer.Check if the raw smell has left the kheer (about 8-10 minutes), if yes then add the sugar to it as per the taste.Simmer it for another 5 minutes and then add the milk masala or powdered cardamom (as per the availability) and soaked saffron. Now, if you feel the badam milk is too thick, you can add more milk.Stir through once and as it begins to boil again, remove from fire.Badam Kheer is ready to serve !! Enjoy
badam milk receipe
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Servings:  six glasses
Prep Time:  2 hrs
Total Time:  2 hrs 15 min

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12 Almonds,1litre Milk (*use full cream milk for best results),Pinch of saffron,Everest milk masala,Powdered cardamom powder),sugar

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