Q:   Can anyone post Picture Pinups?

A:   Yes, anyone over 18 can post a Photo pinup (Under 18 with parents permission only) on the website but first you need to register/login.

Q:   What are the site’s submission rules?

A:   i) ·  Use original photos. All photos on this site must be taken by you or someone you know with their permission. Do not infringe anyone’s copyrights. All violations will be removed from the site immediately. If you suspect an infringement please contact us immediately at security@foodpinup.com and we will remove any user who violates this premise. You can also submit photos from blog sites as long as their credentials and permission are included.

ii) ·  You must Register  before you can submit pinups.

Iii)  ·  Please limit the size of your photo submissions. Photos that are too large may need to be  resized prior to being submitted. Photos submitted are resized and formatted to fit the site criteria.

iv)  ·  If postings are in any violation set forth in our policies, we will remove them immediately.

Q:   Do you decline photo submissions

A:    We accept most submissions although the photos need to be clear, crisp and appealing. Please only submit well lit, good color and clear photos. The photo selection process will need to meet certain criteria and clarity of the photo submission. We are not persuaded by other sites nor are we concerned what other websites are publishing.

Q:   What is the maximum image size I upload on the site?

A:   Please keep your images to a minimum. The site will automatically re-size and re-format your image to 380×380 pixels. Although, please don’t submit an image under this criteria either. The image needs to be clean and attractive to remain

Q: What get’s published on the site?

A: Most submissions will be published depending on the photo quality and recipe content.

Q: What informative should my caption be?

A: This depends on you. You don’t need to be a professional journalist, just be descriptive and write content that will stand out.

Q:  Do I need to tag my submissions?

A:  We strongly recommend this but this is up to you. These keyword tags allow your listings to get to get high rankings in most search engine results.

Q:  How do I change my password or contact info.?

A:  For that you need to need to visit your profile page. You will get that page under my profile menu item on the right side of the website above the search part.

Q:  Can I change my username?

A:  You need to go into your profile and press change my username. You will then  get a reply from us in your email. From there you will be able to change your username if it is available.

Q:  How do I upload my profile image?

A:  For that you need to register yourself on http://en.gravatar.com/ with the email id that you have used while registered on our website. Once you registered on this site then they ask for you to upload the profile image. In this way you will upload your Profile image.

Q:  How do I rate recipes and add comments?

A:   To rate on the recipe there is no need to do the login/register on the website. But keep in mind that you are only rate on recipe one time.

To add the comment on the recipe there is also no need to do the login/register on the website but you comment not published on the website until and unless website admin approve the comment. This is only for the security reason.

Q:  If in case I forgot my password, then how do I retrieve it?

A:  You can retrieve your password either by contact to us or by entering your user name or email address on login page.

Q:  None of these FAQs has helped me. Help, please?

A:   If you’re experiencing a problem to which none of the above listed FAQs applies, feel free to contact us via our contact page. We read and reply to each and every email we receive because we believe in personal attention and in listening to what our users have to say. As a result, we ask that you be patient and we’ll reply to your message as soon as possible.

Q:  From where I can check my favorite posts?

A:   Once you save the posts into favorite then you can see that posts/recipe on your profile page.

Q:  How do i share any recipe with my friends?

A: Just scroll over the post, click on Tell a friend fill the necessary details and send to your friend

Q: Can I link my own blog or social site to a listing?

A: Yes, You have the option of building a personal page with each listing and you can attach your personal blog link to each listing on the right hand side of your gallery page.

Q: How to connect this website with a social website?

A: Click on the social network icons at the top of the website, and login on the respected social network.

Q: How to register?

A: Just click on the register link on the top of the page, Fill the necessary details and you are registered.

Q: How to connect to a friend?

A:  On friends page, scroll over the friend you want to connect with, click on connect to friend a pop window will be seen add the details in the pop up window. A friend request will be sent to your friend.

Q: How do I share my favorites page with my friends?

A: To share your favorites with your friends or family member you just need to click on the “Tell a friend”. With this you can send the mail to you friends.

Q: Can you provide more specific feedback on how to get photos accepted?

A: While we would love to respond to every inquiry with more specific ways to improve your photos, we don’t have the resources to provide an in-depth review of your photos. Keep in mind that while we have quality guidelines for our editors, the photo selection process is still a subjective one and we will never agree 100% of the time on accepted or declined photos.

Q: How will I know if my submission is accepted or declined?

A: Once you done with posting of your post then you automatically redirect to the detail page of your post. If you are not redirect to detail page then it meant that your posts not accepted.

Q: Can I submit multiple pictures from the same post?

A: Yes, but avoid uploading the multiple images.