Lahanodolmades (Cabbage ntolmades with Batarde sauce)

•Wash, clean, remove the stalk from cabbage and blanchir in boiling salted water. Stuffing :
•In a Basin put the minced pork and veal mince, add chopped onion lightly sautéed with olive oil, dill, parsley and mint all chopped, salt, pepper, egg and glutinous rice.
•Integrate well fermenting materials.
•Spread leaves, remove the stalks and wrap the filling shaped patty.
•Arrange in turn cabbage-ntolmades into a pot, after we settle down to the bottom of the pot with leftover leaves from the cabbage, carrot and celery sliced ​​(aromatic vegetables).
•Cover the cabbage-ntolmades with the appropriate liquid and add the butter. Cover with a baking sheet and boil in a moderate heat for about 50 minutes (depending on size).
Sauce Batarde:

•Make a roux with butter and flour.
•Add the broth from pot and stir, to make a velouté sauce.
•In a Basin beat the yolks with the lemon juice and add it slowly in velouté sauce, continuously stirring with a whisk.
•Finally add the cream and check the seasoning. Pass sauce through an etamin to remove possible ''pellets'' and serve by covering the cabbage-ntolmades or serve separately.
•Correct the seasoning, add chopped dill and serve extremely hot!
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  13 minutes
Total Time:  70 minutes

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For ntolmades: •cabbage white:400 gr •Water or von white(as prefered) •butter:50 gr For stuffing: •minced calf:200 gr •minced pork:100 gr •onion:100 gr •dill:as prefered •parsley:as prefered •salt:as prefered •pepper:as prefered •mint:as prefered •glutinous rice:30 gr •eggs:1 •olive oil:50 ml •Celery:50 gr •Carrots:55 gr For the sauce batarde: •Eggs (yolks):2 •lemon juice:from 1 lemon •butter:40 gr •flour:40 gr •Broth from boiling:as prefered •sour cream:100 ml

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