Kahwa Kashmiri green saffron tea

Make Kahwa Kashmiri green saffron tea Step 1: Boil three cups of water in a pan and boil along cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, add tea after 2 minutes and then boil the mix for about 10 minutes on low flame. Step 2: Dissolve saffron with water in a small separate cup. Continue Reading… Kahwa Kashmiri green saffron tea Recipe
Kahwa Kashmiri green saffron tea
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It is the recipe of the great kashmiri mugals . It is great for all those cold winter nights where you want instant heat to you body . • 4 tbsp Green Tea • 4 pinches of Kesar/Saffron • 2 green Cardamoms ,crushed • 1 stick Cinnamon • 2 Cloves • 2 tbsp Honey/Sugar (whichever your health prefers ) • 2-3 Almonds

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