Royal Cardinal Cake with Kiwi

Beat egg whites and icing sugar to form merengue Add zest and then the vanilla. Put the mixture into a sleeve. Fill the molds with nougat-shaped rings. Bake at 200 ° F for 3 hours or until they are hard. CAKE FOR CARDINAL: Assemble the cake Unmold the meringues and put one in the cardboard base Whip the cream with sugar and fill the cake with 4 ounces of strawberries and add filling. Turn the other espumilla above Beat the topping with a cup of milk and cover the cake Decorate with grated coconut and finish decorating with the rest of the strawberries and kiwi slices in flower shape.
royal cardinal cake
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Servings:  12-15
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  3 hours

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-6 Egg whites -1 Pounds of icing sugar White-vanilla Lemon-zest -Butter and flour for flour Waxed-paper -2 Mold base 9 Large-Manga pastry -1 Large number dulla 855 -1 Cardboard base -4 Ounces strawberries -2 Cups cream anchor -2 Ounces of sugar DECORATION -1 Pounds of topping -I cup milk -12 Ounces strawberries -2 kiwis -3 Ounces of grated coconut

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