Bombay Vegetable Omelette

Although most egg dishes which I have encountered in India and Pakistan use hard boiled eggs, this dish, which I make often when I have some leftover curry sauce in the fridge, seems to capture (for me) the spirit of Indian and Pakistani breakfast dishes I had in hotels and private homes while living (Pakistan) and traveling (India) in both countries serve with naan and / or rice.
  • saute botton mushrooms in clarified butter until starting to brown
  • add diced onions, saute until opaque
  • add diced peppers, blanched broccoli and blanched cauliflower
  • add curry sauce (see link to”easy does it – curry)
  • add spinach leaves and a dollop of greek yogurt
  • add plenty of chopped cilantro, check / adjust seasoning
  • plate veggie-curry

Omelette preparation:
  • whisk whole eggs with kosher salt and cayenne pepper
  • transform eggs into omelette
  • place egg atop of veggie-curry, add a small dollop of greek yogurt and more chopped cilantro
bombay vegetable omelette recipe
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