Chirashi Sushi – Unagi Kabayaki & Ebi

Chirashizushi, In my book sushi does not get better than that! I am of course aware of the fact that I am in the absolute minority with this opinion, but I just can’t get myself to join the millions of fans of raw fish, so this version of Chirashizushi is my very own ticket to sushi heaven. Great quality, perfectly cooked sushi-rice with smoked eel , poached shrimp and a chili-soy-yuzu dipping sauce – there you go, baby, sushi perfection without the fuss and sky-high price tag of the other perfect sushi.
smoked eel
perfectly cooked sushi rice
add the shar-zu
incorporate shar-zu
notice the sheen and all rice kernels are individual and whole, the good stuff…..
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